Our Auto Repair Promise To You

Does your heart sink a bit when you hear a new rattle, squeak, clank or buzz coming from your car?  Of course it does.  It happens to all of us. We depend on our cars. At And 1 Auto Tech we use the right parts for the right fix the first time.  We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) automotive parts or the best available aftermarket direct replacement parts, you choose.  And 1 Auto Tech is your local auto repair shop in Modesto, CA. near Hwy 99 between Kansas Ave and Woodland Ave.  With ASE certified mechanics And 1 Auto Tech in Modesto is a shop that works on foreign, domestic and hybrid cars, trucks and vans.


Our Services

Complete Auto Repair

Top-Quality Auto Maintenance And Repair By Our Experienced Team

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Car AC Repair Modesto

Car Air Conditioning is a comfort.  We do auto AC repair and refrigerant recharging to help you keep your cool in the summer heat.

Oil Change Modesto

Avoid major auto repair by changing your oil. Keep your car running great with regular oil changes with Conventional or Synthetic oil change done in a jiffy.

Tune-Up Modesto

Keep your vehicle in optimal condition with regular tune-ups. We’ll check your belts, hoses, spark plugs and more to extend the life of your car.

Tires Modesto

New Tires are your connection with the road.  Improve your cars handling, stopping power, grip and gas mileage with a new set of tires from And 1 Auto Repair.  We'll rotate and make sure they're properly inflated.

 Car Warranty Modesto

Don’t void your warranty by not performing the required auto repair. Bring your car to us and keep your car warranty or extended warranty coverage in place.

Brake Repair Modesto

Have your brakes visually inspected at least once a year or during your tire rotation. A local auto repair shop can spot a minor issue and fix it before it becomes a major problem.

Here's What Some Of Our Customers
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5 star review for auto repair shop in Modesto.

Johhny G.
Acura TL
Modesto, CA

Honest and reliable! Every time I go here, they are always professional and honest. I have been told by other places that I needed something done major and they told me no, it was something simple. Hard to find honest mechanics.

5 star auto repair on domestic SUV.

GMC Yukon
Modesto, CA

Awesome customer service!
Beni is awesome, honest, and treated me with respect! He was able to fix my AC the same day. Very affordable!
Thank you!

Read 5 star review on auto repair in Modesto.

Audi A6
Patterson, CA

Great customer service, does a proficient quality work, and an honest man in the valley and he takes pride of his work,  Benny is very savvy in German cars, he can figure out what's wrong with the vehicle just by listening to the motor. He is the very honest man and that's what I admire of him most. 

5 star auto repair on foreign car.

Nicolas P.
Mercedes-Benz S550
Modesto, CA

This business deserves praise for the services. Benny, the owner, offers reasonable prices to work on any vehicle and the staff is always professional and friendly.

5 star review on the auto repair work at And 1 Auto Tech.
Chrys A.
Honda Pilot
Denair, CA

Good people they will stay late to get your vehicle done, if something comes up and you feel something is wrong they tell you to bring it back. They are our new mechanic!

Auto repair, 5 star review for auto repair work.
Kyle Q.
Toyota Corolla
Modesto, CA

Auto mechanic And 1 Auto Tech Is definitely my go to auto shop and the place I recommend to everyone I know. Beni goes above and beyond when fixing your car. I have been going to And 1 Auto Tech for years and I will continue to go as long as I have a car.  

Auto Repair Services To Keep You On The Road.

Cars, trucks, vans, hybrids, foreign and domestic automobiles break down for many reasons.  Over 20% of automobile accidents are caused by mechanical failure of faulty brakes.  Over or under inflating your tires can have a negative effect on tread wear.   Suspension problems can cause you to loose control of your vehicle.  Faulty headlights and taillights increase the risk of other drivers not being able to see you.  Worn out wiper blades make it difficult for you to see and clear rain and debris from your windshield.

For less Auto Repair Stress and the Best Car Repair let And 1 Auto Tech in Modesto work on your car, truck, van, hybrid, foreign and domestic vehicle. 


Factory Maintenance & Preventative Maintenance:

Want to keep your car repair expenses down?

The easiest and best way to reduce the cost of car repairs is to bring your vehicle to your local auto repair shop for regular auto repair, tune-ups and preventative maintenance.

Maintain your foreign and domestic auto warranty coverage with factory scheduled maintenance 

And 1 Auto Tech your ASE Certified car mechanics will make sure that your factory scheduled maintenance, scheduled service or routine car repair is serviced according to the manufacturer recommended criteria using only manufacturer approved parts.

Diagnostics & Emergency Auto Repairs

What is that sound? Is it a squeak? A squeal?
A sputter? 
Does it start?

Don’t self-diagnose your car, And 1 Auto Tech in Modesto has the most modern diagnostic tools to figure out exactly what’s ailing your car, truck, van or hybrid foreign or domestic. We do car repairs right!

Whether you have a late model car with all the options, bells and whistles or an early model car with no on board computer And 1 Auto Tech in Modesto can expertly diagnose the issue of your automobile and handle your auto repair with expert precision.


Se Habla Español

Nuestra promesa de reparación de automóviles para usted ¿Su corazón se hunde un poco cuando escucha un nuevo traqueteo, chirrido, ruido o zumbido proveniente de su automóvil? Claro que lo hace. Nos pasa a todos. Dependemos de nuestros coches. En And 1 Auto Tech usamos las piezas correctas para la reparación correcta la primera vez. Usamos piezas de automóviles OEM (fabricante de equipos originales) o solo las mejores piezas de reemplazo directo disponibles en el mercado de repuestos que usted elija. Y 1 Auto Tech es su taller local de reparación de automóviles cerca de la autopista 99 entre Kansas Ave. y Woodland Ave. en Modesto, CA 95351. Para su reparación automotriz, necesita un mecánico local que cuente con la certificación ASE. Y 1 Auto Tech es su tienda Automotive Service Excellence, trabajamos en automóviles, camiones y furgonetas extranjeros, nacionales e híbridos.

Llamar Para Una Cita 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s that bump, clunk, squeal, or screech? 

We get some variation of this question a few times per day! Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s wrong without running proper diagnostics.  We’re an auto repair shop in Modesto, CA. so bring you car in and we’ll let you know exactly what’s causing your mystery sound.

What causes my steering wheel
to shake?

Multiple issues can cause this to happen.  Bad Wheel bearings, worn suspension components, tire/wheel out of balance or even worn tires.  Sometimes brake rotors can be the cause or perhaps your brake caliper sticks.  For expert auto repair in Modesto, CA. bring your car to And 1 Auto Tech.

Does it hurt my car if I drive with the check engine light on?

Yes it's possible, but if the lights not flashing then you’re usually okay for a short distance.  It’s more likely that you’ll experience reduced performance.  And 1 Auto Tech is a local car repair shop in Modesto, CA.  Come in and see us right away, to see what is wrong before it can do long-term damage.

What happened, my car died while I was driving?
A few reasons that your car just died while driving are, Alternator Issues, Malfunctioning Ignition Switch, Fuel Pump stopped or a Malfunctioning Sensor. For expert auto repair and diagnostics call And 1 Auto Tech in Modesto, CA.

What’s the correct pressure for my car tires?

The recommended tire pressure is set by the tire manufacturer.  Tire pressure is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch) and you can find your recommended pressure on the side of your tires.  Properly inflated tires will help you get better gas mileage and reduce tire wear.

My car does not start, why?

If nothing happens when you try and start your car, it could be because of a dead battery or loose battery cable connection.  If the engine turns over or whines when you try and start your car you could have a fuel issue, a bad starter or solenoid. And 1 Auto Tech located in Modesto, CA. is your local auto repair shop.

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